CBM TRIP - September 2 to September 9, 2021  - By Zeke Williams

   The mission trip started with months of planning for the departure date of September 1, 2021. Debbie Vest, James Beaver Terry, Michael Haubner, Michael Duncan, Brenda Raymond and Allen (Zeke) Williams of Belmont Christian Church (Christiansburg, VA) packed various medical supplies and gifts Monday August 30, 2021 for flights leaving Wednesday, September 1, 2021 from Greensboro, NC. However, Michael Haubner could not fly with the rest of the group since his COVID-19 had not come back. Michael was held in Greensboro, NC until he received a negative COVID test result delaying his trip by one day.
The group would meet up with Judy Grant Lakeview Christian Church Acron, OH and Dr. Woodrow (Woody) Wilson, Frist Christian Church Franklin, TN, at the Atlanta Airport for the 9 and 1/2 hour flight to Sao Paulo followed by another 4 hour flight to Manaus. Earlier Denise Hamilton and Jay Dugger from Willow Cove Christian Church Jacksonville, FL flew from Houston, TX to Sao Paulo and on to Manaus where we all met to take the bus to the boat. Denise and Jay were in the aircraft with us from Sao Paulo but we had not met each other yet.
Beaver, Debbie, Michael D, Brenda, Judy, Dr. Woody and Zeke were detained at the Sao Paulo Customs to check the medical items and items for the gifts. We released in time to have lunch and board the flight to Manaus.
The boat was docked in the city so everything was loaded and the boat moved up the Rio Negro to it normal storage location. Bags were unpacked and the next day vitamins were separated into bags to be provided to the visitors of the medical boat. All this was useful time as we waited on Michael H to arrive after receive a negative COVID-19 test.
Sanderley, Cesar, Junior and Cristiano would be our boat crew and wonderful travel companions. Nete, Mara, and Eliete served us with wonderful and great accommodations.
After retrieving Michael H from the airport, the boat headed downstream toward our destination; Bucusal. With dinner complete, everyone settled in for the long trip down river. Somewhere along the way, we picked up Daniela, Dani and Diane who all helped with the so many things plus the medical cards of the patients coming on the boat. We arrived in Bucsal early in the afternoon on Saturday, September 4th. This is where Ronaldo and Dani live and serve. This I also where the juice factory is located. There we served 70 individuals with one from each family coming on the boat.
 After a good nights rest and Sunday morning devotion from Beaver complete with the Lord’s Supper, we moved on to Paraiso where we served 67 individuals over Sunday afternoon and Monday Morning. We finished up Monday serving 43 individuals at Divino. We move to Sol Nascente (Rising Sun) where we served 139 individuals over Tuesday and Wednesday morning.
After serving those in Sol Nascente, we returned to the Amazon River and headed back to Manaus. Even though the trip was short, the staff served 319 people, gave out 81 pair of reading glasses and made a lot of new Brazilian friends. We were also blessed with a number of very young babies. Earl, Beaver and Sanderley were able to visit the church in Mucambo. Earl, Dr. Woody, Michael, Sanderly and Ronaldo visited the fruit farm to see the progress there.
As we look back on this trip, we will remember the good friends made, two countries coming together speaking different languages but with one common goal of serving God’s children.



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