PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISES                 May, 2022

1). Earl and Ruth Anne – Praise and Prayer.
       a. Praise for the 53 (in July) years of missionary service in Brazil.
       b. Praise for good health and His protection over us.
            (1). We have relocated to the U.S. and have purchased a condo
                    in Springfield, Ohio. Will move in early May.
            (2). Ruth Anne needs prayers for her health (some heart and
                    back problems). Already seeing two doctors.
       c. Health and safety for us and the entire Amazon team.
       d. Praise God for the quickness of selling our house in Brazil and
            for finding one as quick here in the U.S.
       e. Thank God for his guidance and direction in our lives and the CBM Ministry.
2). Amazon Team and Boat Trips.
         a. Sanderley´s leadership of the boat crew and Amazon missionaries.
         b. Pray for the entire Amazon Team: Both boat crew and missionaries.
         c. Have had two good boat trips thus far in 2022.
         d. Everyone anxious and ready for 2022. Boat crew and U.S. helpers.
              (1). Pray for the church groups that are coming for trips this year.
              (2). Our kids will be helping with some of the trips.
              (3). After we get settled, we will be going on most of the boat trips.
              (4). Sometime by late summer and early fall we will be available to
                       visit and report to some churches on the weekends.
         e. Meds that will be needed for future trips.
             1). We will need plenty of meds and vitamins for 2022 trips.
             2). Will need for churches to help collect these vitamins and meds.
3). Project Amazonas and its concentrated fruit juice factory in Buçusal.
       a. Pray for Ronaldo as he directs the operation of the factory.
       b. Should have first harvest of fruit in June. Guaraná already being harvested.
       c. Ronaldo´s disciples as they work with him at the factory and in the villages
            reaching individuals for Christ.
4). Project Mocumbo and Daniel´s leadership for this new region.
       a. Mocumbo as a new outreach center as Daniel trains more disciples.
       b. Recent trip into the State of Pará. 15 new villages and 830 treated.
5). Pray for Leticia´s (and Alexandre) medical school. She is now in her 6th year.
6). Thanks, and Praise to the many individuals that make Project Amazon possible.
      a. Praying and contributing with thousands of vitamins and meds.
 7). Praise and help: Michael and Debbie are available to speak and visit your church if you
       would like. Just give them a few months’ notice.
8). Thanks, and praise to all our faithful CBM partners who pray and support this ministry.

Thanks and praise to all our faithful CBM partners who pray and support this ministry. 



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