AUGUST - 2022 

Amazon Boat Trip – August 23 – September 2, 2022
By CMB Team 

First and foremost we would all like to say thank you to the crew of CBM. They have made us all feel like family and watch over us each and every day. Sanderley is the captain of CBM Amazonia and he is always making sure that each one of us is safe. They are extremely generous and Christ like in every way. They include each of us in their fun, and welcome all of our attempts to speak Portuguese. When we start to miss our families they are always there to make the trip that much more enjoyable. We will truly miss their open arms and love. We all know they are doing God’s work and we will be praying for them.
Day 8\24\22
We arrived at Manaus and began traveling the Amazon River. We rested in the morning and counted and packaged our medication for use during the trip. We were informed of work to be done, meeting the crew, and worship in devotion.
8\25\22 Thursday
Morning devotion was led by Kim and we discussed ~Love God, Love People~. The first village we visited was Parasio. The village had lots of concerns of colds and dental work. The second village that day was Divino. We saw many villagers travel by boats to us in need of medicine. We got the chance to walk in the village and enjoy the Amazon Jungle in its true beauty.
8\26\22 Friday
Morning devotion was led by Annie ~ The ground is level at the foot of the cross~. We learned Alegria as the theme song for the week and experienced that happiness in our heart. The first village we traveled to was Sol Nascente. We saw many children and families that were very large in number. There were several villagers who returned to the boat to receive vitamins and worm medicine due to the effectiveness of the previous care. The second village that day was Sororoca where we saw lots of sting ray puncture wounds.
8\27\22 Saturday
Morning devotion was led by Bob ~Working for Jesus~. We docked at the village of Bucusal. This is the home to one of CBM’s pastors. We also learned that all the churches are painted blue and white to signify CBM’s work. That day was filled with lots of interesting cases. We saw a patient who survived being lost in the jungle for 52 days. Unfortunately, he was the sole survivor. The widow of one of the men who died came to see us and receive care also. That evening we were invited to enjoy dinner at one of the churches that CBM started. The food and company were amazing. They were so gracious.
8\28\22 Sunday
It was an amazing sunrise viewing God’s creation. Morning devotion was led by Jeff ~Faith the size of a mustard seed~. Our morning village was Batista where we were very busy with medical care and giving out sun glasses. There was a 93 year old man that came and simply asked for more vitamins. We were so glad to see his health being maintained so well. Sanatana is one of the crew and she shares the gospel to the children at all of the villages. Our second village was Adventista where we had the most boats from other villages come to receive care. We were invited back to Sororoca for their evening church service. Jonathan led us in worship and we attempted to sing a few songs in Portuguese for the congregation.
8\29\22 Monday
Morning devotion was led by Sarah ~Joy of serving~. We started at San Antonio where we had a long line of patients waiting to see us. We had many pregnant women seeking prenatal vitamins. We had a young girl come that was very ill with a temperature of 105.0. We treated her with ibuprofen and Tylenol. We also had to use ice to cool her down quickly. After resting she started feeling better and her temp lowered to 101.0. There were so many patients that we worked until late that night. The crew took a few of us out to look for alligators that night.
Morning devotion was led by Dave and we studied ~Plan for Providence~. We traveled to Tabuari as our last village for medical care. We had to count out more medicine for this village because we have cared for so many. This village had many concerns of worms and fungus. After seeing 7 villages we were headed back to Sao Sebastião and ending our trip visiting the greenhouse CBM maintains and Sanatanaˋs home.
We were so blessed to have seen so many patients. Our total for the week was 700 with all sorts of needs and concerns. We were so blessed to be able to treat all that came to see us. We all hope to be God’s light for so many. The Great Commission is truly being seen by the CBM Amazon Ministry.



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