AMAZON BOAT TRIP - AUGUST 4-13, 2021   - by Cathy Lynch

     Praise the Lord all you nations, Praise Him all you people of the earth, for His unfailing love for us is powerful, the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Praise the Lord! Psalms 117:1-2,
      God’s unfailing love and faithfulness was shown upon the people of Brazil along the Amazon River. After 1.5 years without the CBM boat ministry, their first boat ministry post Covid 19 was set in motion. Eight seasoned veterans with the boat ministry left their homes in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia and Florida headed to Brazil. We landed in Manaus on August 4 and that evening and set down the Amazon River. We arrived in Sao Sebsatao the following afternoon. Along on the first leg of the trip with us was Santana who had been In Goiania, Brazil for the last year and came home to a new house. Pastor Agostinho and his wife, Maura, from Goiania were also with us. They stayed in Sao Sebastiao to train the Amazon missionaries while the boat was visiting the villages. We then traveled on the river and docked for the night at our first village. Earl went up to the village and talked to a mother and some children. The mother was in tears to see Earl and the boat again. On this trip individuals were treated differently than in the past. The families were screened in the village and only one family member could come on the boat, after having their temps taken and hand sanitizer applied. They would present their entire families ailments to the doctors and given medications to their families and received a goody bag. After finishing at this village we traveled and docked at the next village. As soon as we docked a small boat came and a mother and her son got out and approached the boat. He had a machete cut on his leg. His wound was cleaned and steri-strips applied, dressed and they were sent on their way.
The next day we treated one village in the morning and then traveled on to another village to treat them in the afternoon. They were celebrating Father’s Day. They were celebrating with soccer games and a DJ. We saw several families, including one boy who had a burn on his arm including his hand that occurred a year ago. It was amazing to see how well he could use his arm and hand.
August 8th we treated another village in the morning and treated several ear infections and got to share with an expectant mother listening to her babies heartbeat. We then moved to another village on the reserve and then for their homemade crafts.
August 9th We saw two more villages again today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We also got to join in with the crew the celebration for Earl and Ruth’s 62nd wedding anniversary.
August 10th We saw our last two villages for our trip. We saw a boy with a cut on his foot. We cleansed it put some antibiotic cream and wrapped it for him.
As we are cruising back to Manaus and then back to the states, it is has been such a blessing to be on the trip and see the smiles on the villagers again. We saw 557 total villagers. After arriving at Manaus we traveled a short distance and treated 27 villagers in an Indian village. It has been a different trip then the past but we have made new friendships and I hope we have touched their lives as much as they have touched ours. May God keep blessing this ministry and this boat crew.
And how can we go and tell them without being sent, That is why the scriptures say: “How beautiful are the feet of the messengers who bring good news.! Romans 10:15.



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