MARCH - 2023

Amazon Boat Trip - March 6 – 18
By Debbie Vest
Teddy and Eric from Indiana , Deborah from Virginia, Neely, Jessica, and Josh from Guatemala were the team for this trip. After traveling many hours we arrived in San Sebastián, Brasil to spend the night, and for some team members to join us. The next morning the boat begins the medical clinics , we start in the village of Bucusal , 68 patients, the villagers are excited for us to be there to care for their needs. It is hard for us from America to imagine not having any health care. Not even a Tylenol for pain, cough medicine, or vitamins. These people are humble and value all we can do for them. To have a day without pain, or glasses so they can see. To see the glow on a person’s face when they put glasses on and can see well enough to read, it is a priceless joy.
 We continue the same procedure every day at the following villages, Sol Nascente- 96 patients. Divino -70, Paraiso- 46, Batista-34, Adventusto - 60, São Pedro - 46, Bétel, 25, Santo Antônio- 83, Toboari- 46. Always the people are happy for us to come, so excited to get the vitamins and other medications, a hygiene pack that has soap, washcloth, toothpaste and toothbrush. We have given them a great gift and they learn we do this because we love Jesus and he wants us to help them , our brothers and sisters in this world.
We have seen many beautiful things, the amazing flowers, watching the dolphins play, catching sight of a Tucan in flight. Swimming in the Amazon river. Enjoying the awesome food that Nete, Mara, and Mara prepare for us daily. Knowing that we are safe on the boat with Sanderley, Junior, Christiano, Victor, and Anthony managing the boat. Enjoying the flavors of afternoon smoothies made from local fruit.
It amazing the love one can feel on this trip from Christ, to know he is guiding us, and keeping us safe to serve his people. Each station is important for the villagers, Ediane would fill out the treatment card that is the record for what we do for the family, then send them to the boat.Josh and Neely would welcome the family on the boat and get their weight, height for children, blood pressure for adults. Then Teddy and Debbie would treat their medical problems and give glasses when needed. Jessica gave them worm medication, hygiene pack for family, toys for children. Eric worked in the pharmacy with Danielle to fill the prescription. The work was a joy because we had the opportunity to serve God by serving this people. We are thankful to our God for this amazing opportunity. Amen



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