Dear Faithful Partners, November, 2017

Greetings right now to all of you from Goiânia. We just returned from 6 weeks on the boat finishing up the last three trips of 2017. This was a good time to be away from Goiânia. There had been almost 5 months of no rain and the last few weeks with temperatures running 100-110 degrees! It has started to rain some since we returned last week. The next couple of months will be different as we attend the ICOM Missionary Conference, spend some time with family and visit some churches. The temperature change from 100+ to freezing and below won´t be easy! We will come back to Brazil the last week of January.
This year there were 13 boat trips in 10 months, over 6,000 individuals came on the boat for medical treatment, 19 operations were performed at the Urucará hospital, our Amazon missionary team received 3 days of first-aid training from Dr. Woody (CBM President) and Michael, three new Project Amazonas buildings constructed and five new villages were visited for the first time. There were also over 30 village baptisms during the year.
We would like for you to pray especially these next few weeks for Daniela and Diandra. These two young ladies help us on all of the boat trips but are going to take entrance exams to enter dental school. They would like to become future dentists for the boat ministry. Letícia is finishing her first year of medical school and is very excited about the future. Thanks to those of you helping with this project.
You will also find on the other page a “Prayer Request List” for our Amazon missionaries and the villages they serve. There is also a page of pictures. HYPERLINK “http://www.cbm.org.br/journal” www.cbm.org.br/journal
And do please visit our website: HYPERLINK “http://www.cbm.org.br” www.cbm.org.br
Click on this for new Video –Update 2018 – : HYPERLINK “https://youtu.be/arF1gcOgQlM”
We need your help: On each trip we use 30-40 thousand vitamins. We are always in need of both adult and children´s vitamins. If you can collect some and let us know, we can send you the address of the next groups that are coming for trips so you can send the vitamins to them.
Thanks again for your partnership with us in this CBM-Project Amazonas Ministry.
Earl, Ruth Anne and the Amazon Team
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P R A Y E R  R E Q U E S T S
                                                       AMAZON MISSIONARIES AND VILLAGES
CBM Amazônia Boat Crew: Sanderley, Cezar, Judson, Junior,
                                                  Nete, Claúdia, Edilsa, Daniela, Diandra,Michelle
Igreja em Manaus and Pr. Geraldo and Cida – Supervisor
(Teaching and making Disciples of team).
São Sebastião – Daniel Bernardes, Santana, Eliza,Talles
Urucará – Valmir More Villages:
Itapiranga – Paulo Claudineth – Bom Jesus
Silves – Moises Francisco – Maripá
Villages: Debora – Jobote
Ronaldo – Buçusal, Sol Nascente, Divina, Thelma – Cubuacá
Paraíso (Dalciele) Raimundo – Taboarí
Cumprido (Diane) Eri Nelson – Caiauá
Remanso (Auriane) Eligelson – Jacarequara
Marcos – Livramento
Daniel Fernandes – Mocambo and three villages
Santo Andre – ( Elio and Dinelma)
Gilberto – Caribí and Mt. Das Oliveiras
Abacate – (Diana)
                    Santa Luzia do Caranatuba – (Maik and Valdenora Reginaldo – Ararás
                    Leandro Grande – (Mateus)



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