NOVEMBER - 2022 

Dear CBM Partners and Friends
November, 2022
Greetings from the Haubners and our CBM – Project Amazonas family.
     At the time of this writing Ruth Anne has just spent a week in the hospital for headache pain and rehab. She is home now but still being treated. The doctors are trying to discover why she is having these headaches. We will keep you informed about her condition.
     We just finished 8 very successful Amazon Boat trips. Many U.S. Christians helped with the trips and we were able to treat over 5,000 medical patients and over 1,500 dental patients. There were new villages visited as well as many baptisms from the established villages.
     We praise God that it is easier for U.S. citizens to come and return from the boat trips. Right now, you don´t have to show any proof of Covid vaccine nor have a negative Covid test done. Just a Passport needed to travel. We are so grateful for those that come on the trips as well as those who help with vitamins and meds. We are able to help villagers with vitamins and meds because so many are collecting and sending to those coming on trips.
     Our children were able to help on 6 of the trips this year and plan to do so in 2023. Eleven Brazilian dentists from Goiânia helped on trips during the year. Dr. Geser, a good friend and a dentist from Goiânia, helps individuals for most all of the trips. NOW: Dr. Letícia has graduated from medical school and will start in February helping on all the trips. We say thanks again to all those who helped financially make this project possible and successful. What a blessing she will be to our Amazon Boat Ministry.
    If any of our supporting churches would like to schedule a meeting or a visit next year just let us know.
    We would be more than happy to make arrangements for a visit.
          Thanks again for your prayers and faithful partnership with us.
           Earl and Ruth Anne



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