MAY- 2024

          Dear Faithful CBM Partners and Friends,           MAY, 2024
        What a shock! When I arrived on the boat on March 6 at 4:00 am for the Amazon Boat Trip, the entire boat crew called me to the front of the boat to let me know that Sanderley had died at 12:30 am that same morning from a heart attack.
We stayed in Manaus with the boat crew and the U.S. team that had just arrived with me, participating in the viewing and buiral the same day.
        Sanderely was kind of the leader for his entire family as well as for Kattyanne, his wife, and three small children.
        He was only 36 years old and dedicated to the mission and will be missed by many.
His testimony has influenced so many and he was the key person on the boat. Kattyanne is in college studying to be a dentist so she can help on the boat. We (CBM) are going to help her finish college and also purchase a house for her and the children. She will need your prayers and we will need your help  as we help her.
        You can send your contribution to: Central Brazil Mission – P.O. Box 420 – McCoy,Virginia 24111 and memo it (house project).
        Junior is now the new captain.
        We just finished the fourth Amazon Boat Trip with very positive results. Teddy and Michael helped with the first two trips as I did the March and April trips.
        Kim and the boys will be doing the next 3 trips. I will then go back for the July trip.
        There has been almost 2,000 individuals that have receivedmedical treatment on the boat during these trips. We are reaching new villages with needed medical help and the Gospel.
Thanks to many of you for collecting vitamins and meds for these trips.
        We will continue to need your help with the vitamins and meds.
Just let us know when you have a box or two ready and we will send the address as to where to send them.
                                Ruth Anne is somewhat better after two more shots but still very weak. Please keep praying for her.
                        A new updated Praise and Prayer Requests is attached.              
                         Thanks again for your partnership with us.
                         Earl and Ruth Anne



Michael Haubner
P.O. Box 420
McCoy, Virginia 24111
Phone: 1-540-633-2419
Cell: 1-540-392-7867
E-mail: mehaubner@gmail.com


Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner
Phone: 804-467-7463
E-mail: cbmhaubner@gmail.com