MARCH - 2023

Dear CBM Partners and Friends           MARCH, 2023
    It was a real blessing to be back on the CBM Amazonia boat and travelling the waters of the Amazon River and her tributaries. We had our first trip of 2023 in February with a team from the Rushsylvania, Ohio Church of Christ. Also helping on this trip were Jim McGhee(PA), Dr. Gezer (Dentist), Judy Grant (Balloon Lady), and our Brazilian MD, Dr. Letícia. Pr. Agostinho from Goiânia was on the trip but stayed in São Sebastião for the first Training Seminar of 2023.
         We had our annual Project Amazonas meeting with over 50 missionaries and workers present. Dr. Letícia was nervous and excited about her first trip as the new CBM-MD on the boat. She was accompanied on the trip with her mother from Goiânia. It was another good trip and you can read about the trip on our website (www.cbm.org.br) as well as see some photos and the medical report.
    We have 2023 and 2024 all scheduled for trips and only have 4 dates available in 2025. If your church or you as an individual are interested in helping with a trip, please let us know. 
    We need 10-12 for a team or 5 or 6 for a half team that would join another half team to make a full team. If you are interested in helping, we will get you in on a trip.
    In March we will begin the construction of an eight-foot wall around the Greenhouse property. 
          A big thanks to those who have already contributed to this project.
    We need the help of all of our churches in collecting Children’s and Adult vitamins and meds for the monthly trips on the boat. Just let us know when you have a few boxes ready and we can provide an address as to where to send them.
            Thanks again for your faithful partnership with us.
            Earl, Ruth Anne and Amazon Team



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