byEarl Haubner.


Greeting from the Rio Negro in Manaus as we get ready for the next team to arrive for our first of two Amazon Boat Trips in August. As I sit here and write this letter, I just noticed Captain Sanderley coming on the boat with Nete! She just had that 7 pound tumor removed 6 weeks ago. She is recovering well but must continue resting for a few more weeks. Please continue to pray for her, as well as for Ruth Anne who is still having plenty of pain and is going to stay here until we return the end of October. She was going back to the U.S. with Michael and Kimmy for treatment after this last July trip but changed her mind. She will be getting a few more acupuncture treatments when we get back to Goiânia.
 We continue to hear good reports from our Amazon missionaries as they make disciples and are baptizing new believers without the presence of the boat. They used to wait for the boat to come to their village before baptizing but now know they don´t need to wait for the boat. They just finished the July Seminar of three days with Pastor Geraldo and Cida, his wife. Also helping them was a young man we had met 18 years ago when we first started. He, Tony, is one of Geraldo´s disciples and preachers in Manaus. On this last trip we were able to share in a cell group service in Mocumbo where there were over 100 individuals present for the Sunday night service.   
             It was a real blessing for us to have on this last trip Michael, our son, Debbie his wife, and our daughter Kim. She led the team from her church in Xenia, Ohio. Michael came to help Leticia as she was the “MD” for the trip. As you know she is CBM´s medical student and in her second year of college. And a special thanks to some of you who are making this possible with your monthly medical gift of $50. We could still use a few more individuals to help with this “Medical Student” project.              
              YOU CAN HELP ! ! We are always in need of Children´s Vitamins. This is one of our main medications that we give to each child. If you can collect some vitamins and let us know, we can send you the address of the next group that is coming so they can bring them to us. We will use on each trip about 25-30 thousand children´s vitamins!
               We would love for you to plan an Amazon Boat Trip for your church. We are now confirming teams for 2022 and 2023. Please be sure to take a look at the page of pictures attached with this letter.
               Thanks again for your partnership with us. Your prayers and financial support are needed and appreciated very much. Our web site is: www.cbm.org.br please visit it.
We continue with your help…….
              Working For A Greater Harvest,   
               Earl, Ruth Anne, Michael, Debbie and the Amazon Team



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