Dear Faithful CBM Partners and Friends,           DECEMBER, 2023
        Greetings in the saving Name of Jesus and may his peace and presence dominate your life
and soul as we finish another year and look forward to a fruitful and prosperous 2024. The entire Haubner family with the boat crew and the Amazon missionaries, wish the best for all  of you during this season of the year. 

We have had a difficult year with health issues and especially with Ruth Anne’s back pain. 
She just had her fourth back surgery about six weeks ago and the recovery is very slow.  

    But  at this writing she is beginning to feel a little better. We know you have and ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers. I was able to help with four of the ten Amazon Boat Trips this year. Kim, Michael and Teddy have also been helping and will be during 2024 as we have thirteen trips scheduled. I plan to be on five of these trips. 

    We had a great response from our churches and individuals in regards to needing vitamins and meds for the boat trips. We will need your help again during 2024. If you want and can help please let us know and we will provide a “meds needed list.” We have a new list made up  after each trip. We also received a grant from IDES to help with vitamins and meds. 

    Ronaldo is now the preacher/leader of the Urucará Church and with him we will inaugurate the CBM Concentrated Juice Factory during the July 2024 boat trip.

    A special thanks to Pastor Agostinho for helping us with the training of our Amazon missionaries. He and Senderley have given valuable leadership to our Amazon team. There are over 50 now attending the three-day seminars which are held five times during the year in São Sebastião. There were 35 baptisms reported during 2023.

    I was able to visit and speak at some of our supporting churches during the year and I am available as is Michael to visit your church during 2024. Also, congratulation to Michael on getting his pilot’s license. We are looking and planning for the future.

Thanks again for your partnership and prayers at this time as we continue…
                                   Working For a Greater Harvest,
                                    Earl and Ruth Anne



Michael Haubner
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Phone: 1-540-633-2419
Cell: 1-540-392-7867
E-mail: mehaubner@gmail.com


Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner
Phone: 804-467-7463
E-mail: cbmhaubner@gmail.com