JUNE - 2023

Dear CBM Partners and Friends           JUNE , 2023
    Your faithful partnership and prayers are needed and very much appreciated.
    Our mission depends upon your prayers and His blessings and direction.
Just a few days ago we went to see the surgeon and Ruth Anne had the draining  tube removed from her gallbladder and the surgeon said she should be okay. No surgery needed. He says that most patients after the 6 weeks of draining do not need surgery. He said to keep in touch with him and if something comes up, he will take careof it. Thanks for your prayers. She is still very weak and needs to recover her strength. 

She is still having bad lower back pain. We will see an orthopedic surgeon on July 31.   
She is ready and willing to go through back surgery again if it will help with the pain.
I, Earl, had an MRI a few weeks ago and then last week had a prostate procedure but  all the results are looking okay right now. I plan to go on the last Amazon Boat Trip of June and then stay for the first trip of July. Kim led a very successful May trip and the  journal and pictures are on our website (cbm.org.br).
Michael is on a trip (June 14-24)   now and will also do the second July trip with Teddy leading the August trip. Kim and I will return for the September trip which will be the last one of 2023. 

    We are still in need of churches to collect vitamins and meds for these trips. We are   seeing new villages and using more meds than in the past. If you can help with this  need just let us know and we can send you a list of meds and vitamins needed.   We will be contacting and confirming the church groups for 2024 soon. 
                           Thanks again for your partnership and prayers at this time as we continue…

            Working For a Greater Harvest.
                             Earl and Ruth Anne



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Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner
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