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APRIL 2018

by : Earl Haubner


Greetings. How grateful we are for your partnership with us and for God´s direction and blessing to our CBM Ministry. Your prayers and real interest have sustained us during these almost 50 years. You have been faithful in praying and God has been faithful in answering your prayers.  
          The Novo Horizonte Church just celebrated her 44th anniversary this past month. Pastor Agostinho and his wife, Maura, minister to this church. During the celebration weekend we had two special events. We had a preacher´s breakfast on Saturday, March 24, for the churches that were a part of the N.H. Ministry. There had been from those attending 170 baptisms between January and March. The other special meeting was the visit from Kleber and Juracema, our Brazilian missionaries that have served in Moçumbique, Africa for 22 years. They have planted over 100 churches; have a school with over 1,100 students, as well as an orphanage with 70 children. During the first 3 months of this year they had 133 baptisms.

          We have also had village baptisms during the first two Amazon Boat Trips this year. New villages are being reached and during the March trip we saw 774 medical patients, 237 dental patients, with 428 procedures while visiting only 5 villages.

            Because of a special offering during our U.S. visit we were able to purchase a new dental chair for the boat. During the March trip with an American dentist inaugurating the new chair, he and his wife decided to donate another new chair for the boat. SO: We now have two new dental offices on the boat!

           We have two situations which really need extra prayers: (1). Ruth Anne is having severe lower back and leg pain and needs your prayers. (2). Alexandre, Letícia´s (our medical student) husband has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. He is taking medication and already has a match for a bone marrow transplant if needed. They will be going on the July boat trip and she will be working with Michael as the “MD” for the trip. Please remember them in your prayers.
              Please notice the page of photos attached with this letter and also visit our new website and look for news about us on Facebook. We are now scheduling trips for 2022.                  
              Thanks so very much for your faithful partnership with us and for your much needed prayers.
              We continue with your help…….
              Working For A Greater Harvest,

Earl, Ruth Anne, Michael, Debbie and the Amazon Team



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Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner
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