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CBM TRIP September 8-17, 2018


Construction Team Report: 18 Sept 2018 – 29 Sept 2018
by Brad Stipes

Project Greenhouse

Our construction team of four men from Belmont Christian Church was capably led by Cesar of Central Brazil Mission: Project Amazonas: Christ, Life and Health. The focus of our efforts at Project Greenhouse was as follows:
1. Construction of 36 Roosting Boxes for the Palacio Das Galinhias (Chicken Palace)
2. Construction of 18 Concrete Posts for New Greenhouse
The roosting box construction went very smoothly with a total of 36 boxes constructed for roosting and egg laying. There were six (6) chickens in the chicken pen that were not allowed in the Chicken Palace during construction, and they remained intensely focused on our construction activities. To complement the roosting boxes, and to facilitate access to the boxes, a Chicken Sky Walk was also constructed. This construction lasted three days, and before our visit was complete the chickens were already laying eggs in the new boxes! Mission accomplished.

The construction of 18 concrete posts for a new greenhouse demanded most of our efforts during our stay at Project Greenhouse. Our first job was to lay out the holes locations and dig 30-inch deep holes. Following the first day of digging, we came out the next morning to find that our first several holes appeared to have been “stolen”. (!!) Following further investigation, Cesar explained that the original layout was incorrect and that these holes had to be filled in and new ones needed to be dug. The remainder of construction of these 10-foot tall concrete posts went smoothly, with approximately 300 pounds of concrete being prepared on site and placed into the 6-inch PVC pipes with reinforcing steel inside.

Also of note this week was the 17th anniversary of the São Sebastião Igreja de Cristo Church that was celebrated during our work week.

Our construction team gratefully recognizes the invaluable support and contributions of the CBM Project Amazonas staff (Santana and Cesar) in the success of our project. We are likewise thankful for all of the hard work that Pastor Agostinho and Maura of the Goiania Church provided during our week of efforts. God is good all the time!
Respectfully Submitted by Allen “Zeke” Williams, Barry Helms, Sonny Long, and Brad Stipes



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