By Shirleen Geiger

Amazon Boat Trip ,  October 2019

Day One: Monday, September 30th/Tuesday, October 1st First Christian Church Springfield, Ohio Members include: Clark & Jennifer Snyder, Bill & Shirleen Geiger and Morgan Yinger. We met both Dr. Woody Wilson and the Moseleys, Ben & Marlo at the airport in Miami. We arrived at Manaus around midnight on the 30th, boarded the CBM Amazonia early morning October 1st.. Cruised the Amazon through the night and most of Tuesday.
Tuesday, October 1st 9 AM Breakfast: We met the Mayo Clinic team of five members from Jacksonville, Florida. Earl presented a lesson and each person received handouts of maps and a 50th year Booklet celebrating Earl and Ruth Anne Haubners ministry to Brazil. Earl shared very helpful information as to what to expect in the days ahead.
If nothing else remember this: `Everything gets better with Jesus` Earl
Arrived São Sebastião 5:30 that evening where the Mayo Clinic team left the boat to stay the night in the Mission House. They have 4 operations scheduled for the next morning and 2 in the afternoon.
Day Two: Wednesday, October 2nd 7 AM Breakfast was followed by devotions altogether on the upper deck. Redes were used to shield us from the morning sun. Earl helped FCC with the Portuguese language until the crew could join us. Daniela accompanied on the guitar as Earl led worship. Sanderley (San) led the devotion from Ephesians 6, Be Strong in the Lord.
Earl gave instructions for the day ahead to the FCC team. We are two hours away from the village that we will visit first.
Arrived at Santa Helena around noon. The team visited the village before calling the first patients to the boat. There were 61 patients for the day. The team visited the church that evening for a service. Dr. Woody shared a greeting saying, that this village and church building hold a special place in the heart of CBM, it was the first village that the boat treated and this was the first church building to be built, fifteen years ago. Earl and Daniela led worship, Bill shared from Revelation 7:9, We are part of a great multitude of believers, we are not alone. We are family.
The boat is docked at São Sebastião for the night.
Day Three: Thursday, Ocotber 3rd 7 AM Breakfast/Worship/Devotion: Devotion was led by Christiano Matthew 13:24 The Parable of the Weeds. Clark shared from II Thessalonians 3:16 and Phillippians 4:6-7 May Gods Peace Guard Your Hearts and Minds in Christ Jesus. Two hours to village #2 Cubuacá, 35 patients were seen. We visited the village and worshiped together. Gifts were given to the boys and girl.
Boarded/Cruised about an hour to village #3, Caranauaca.
Day 4: Friday, October 4th 7 AM Breakfast/Worship/Devotions: Devotion was given by Jen from Philippians 4:8. We were challenged to think on whatever is Praiseworthy. Judson quoted from Matthew 5, The Beatitudes. Alice read from Philippians 2:13-17, Do everything without complaining or arguing . . . you will shine like the stars in the universe as you hold out the Word of Life. We treated 54 patients in Caranauaca.
After we served the third village we left for São Sebastião to pick up the Mayo team. Some jumped from the boat to swim in the Amazon. We took the Mayo team to Urucará and docked there for the night.
Day 5: Saturday, October 5th 7 AM Breakfast/Worship/Devotion: Santana led us in a devotional thought from I Samuel 3:4 and Matthew 10:37. When God Calls Us to Serve. Bill shared from Matthew 16:24-26 Gain the World/Lose One’s Soul. We left Urucará and crossed the Amazon to an area where we visited with five villages. First was Sao Pedro then Santo Antonio until it was dark. Six of us went alligator spotting after supper; fish kept jumping into the boat.
Day 6: Sunday, October 6th Cesar shared some thoughts on his Gratitude for the Boat and CBM’s Mission. Marlo shared from Proverbs 3:5-6 and Jeremiah 29:11-14 on Trusting God. We served Santo Antonio both morning and afternoon. We held church service that evening altogether in the village, we shared songs and gifts with the children. We were blessed to share a meaningful communion service together on the boat just before supper. We treated 28 patients in São Pedro and 123 in Santo Antonio. The second group went alligator spotting, saw an Anaconda!
Day 7: Monday, October 7th Morgan shared from Ephesians 1:3-11 Unity in Christ. Earl shared from Ephesians 3:20 and 2:10. Set Goals/Dream Big, Forgetting what is Past Look to the Future. We left Santo Antonio and crossed the Amazon to the fruit processing plant that is under construction. After the morning tour Sanderley and Ronaldo shared how the CBM dream is becoming a reality, then we headed back to Urucará to pick up the Mayo Team, from there we went on to São Sebastião to drop off Daniela and to pick up another fishing boat.
Day 8: Tuesday, October 8th Fishing Day: The AM team ate at 5:30, left the boat by 6:00. Returned by noon with over 20 fish counting both the boats. The PM team left around 3:30, returned at 5:30 with a few fish as the fish weren’t biting. Enjoyed the catch for supper, tasted wonderful! Great food this whole trip! Obrigada!
Devotions altogether on the upper deck after supper, Junior shared from John 7:24, Stop Judging by Mere Appearances and Make a Right Judgments. Shirleen shared from I John 2:15-17 Do not Love the World, Eternal Perspective rather than Temporal. Michael translated and led worship on the guitar.
Day 9: Wednesday, October 9th Fishing Day: We reversed order to go out for the day. The morning group did better than they did yesterday afternoon. Supper was wonderful! Our fellowship has been great! Devotions were again in the evening. Ben shared from Romans 1:20 reflecting on his thoughts about the villages and a certain young man that took an interest in he and Marlo also, I John 3:16 . . . This is How You Know passages are his favorite. Michael played the guitar as Earl led us in worship.
Day 10: Thursday, October 19th: 7 AM Breakfast followed by pictures on the upper deck. Blessed by a pleasant, cool morning!
The group visited São Sebastião walking together to the mission house to see the greenhouse, chicken palace and the hospital before returning to the boat. Some of us bought gifts to take home that support the work here.
Daniela and Santana will stay in São Sebastião. Michael Haubner left the boat after lunch to get to Manaus, his plane leaves tonight for the states. Aliziete left the boat at Itapiranga. The crew has been great and helped make our trip successful. Tonight Earl shared how he and Ruth Anne came to Brazil, it’s exciting to see what God can do when you are willing to let Him use you. Dr. Woody shared a fun thought with us.
Tomorrow we will end our trip at Manaus. If you want to be inspired by what God is doing you should consider a trip with Project Amazon.



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