By Fefe McNair

Amazon Boat Trip ,  October 2019

The Mayo Clinic medical team consists of members Steven P. Bowers M.D, Sheaffer Sorrells Resident M.D, Stephen Clendenen M.D, Anna Clendenen RN and FeFe Mcnair Surgical Tech. The team arrives on day 1 Sunday September 29th 2019 at Jacksonville International Airport. This departure is to make way on a surgical mission abroad the Central Brazil Amazonia boat in towns of both São Sebastião and Urucará. In these towns there will be surgical operations performed mainly of hernias to locals in need. To reach the point of destination the CBM Amazonia makes its starting point in Manaus where all groups involved in some type of mission meet up. Leaving at midnight the boat travels up river through the Rio Negro which connects to the Amazon River where arrival to São Sebastião isn’t until the next morning. During the trip the teams interact while getting to know one another and their mission statements. Wildlife is enjoyed as pink dolphins, trees and birds of all sorts are sighted. On day 2 once the boat reaches the town of São Sebastião. The Mayo Clinic team rises early in the morning at 6 am to have breakfast and take a stroll into town to head towards São Sebastião Medical Hospital to begin the full day of operations. Entering the hospital we are greeted by the very friendly staff that is eager to help us provide the best care possible. Over the next two days inguinal, umbilical and an axillary breast operation were performed. The people of São Sebastião are so kind and grateful and nothing felt better than knowing we were making a huge impact and changing people’s lives. At the end of day 4 at night we make our way towards another town Urucará which is no longer than 45 minutes up river. During the time we arrive the medical team also head to the Urucará Medical Hospital to make sure things are in order and to prepare for the next day’s operations to follow. On day 5 the whole day consist of pediatric hernias performed on children of various ages. The children of Urucará were very sweet and full of smiles. A young boy enthused about his operation couldn’t stop making jokingly remarks which had the whole team in laughter. Throughout the next 2 days umbilical’s, inguinal and epigastria hernias were performed where the Mayo Clinic medical team worked tirelessly making sure that each individual in need was taking care of. Later in the day of day 7 this ended the medical team’s surgical mission. The CBM Amazonia would then make its trip back down the river in a cove for some relaxation and for the next 2 days of fishing. Fishing in Brazil is famous for its game fish of peacock bass which have a highly predatory behavior and are aggressive. Many fish were caught on the outer banks and even off of the boat in the area of Jatapú. These fish were great catches and were real good eats for dinner as well. On day 10 the CBM Amazonia makes its way further up river to drop off other group members who were aboard for another mission and then the boat continues to travel up stream back to Manaus which will take the whole night and part of the day. Later in the day in Manaus we all say our farewells and goodbyes and look forward to gathering other individuals for future missions to come. Project Amazonas: Cristo, Vida e Saúde!   



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