MAY - 2022

Dear C.B.M. Partners and Friends,                         MAY,2022                                                       

    We are still alive and active. Just moving a little slower. Something to do with the 80 number. Just a few days before we were to return to the U.S. Ruth Anne became sick and was in the hospital for 5 days. She ended up having pneumonia and discovered a heart malfunction. We were able to see a cardiologist the day before we left and he thought it would be alright for her to travel if she saw an MD real soon after we got back. So, on April 12 we were able to see Kim's doctor which will now be our "family doctor" while we are living in Springfield. She prescribed more of the same meds that our Brazilian doctor had her taking. She is somewhat better but still very weak. This last Tuesday and Wednesday (April 19,20) we saw a cardiologist and she had a number of tests done. We are waiting for the results and have another appointment with him on May 10. She is still having a lot of pain in her lower back. We will work on that as soon as we can. Please continue to pray for her during these next few months.

By the way, the Lord blessed us once again as we have already found a condo and will be closing on it tomorrow. It is just what we were wanting. Hope to have it painted and to be moved in by May. Address: 1943 Wedgewood Circle, Springfield, Ohio 45503.

Teddy did the March Amazon Boat Trip. Michael is doing the April trip right now and will also be doing the May trip. Teddy will once again do the June trip. I will be going in July and the first August trip and the September trip. Kim will do the second August trip. We still need about 5 or 6 to complete the September trip. If you are able and interested, please let us know. It looks as if we will not have the October fishing trip since we need at least 10 individuals, and only have 3 so far.
       Thanks for your prayers for us and our CBM Ministry.
       Earl and Ruth Anne 



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Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner
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