Dear CBM Partners and Friends,          March and April,  2021

Greetings to all of you from Virginia. We would like to say from Brazil but can´t do that yet. We are homesick for Brazil and our missionary family there. Since we don´t have an Amazon Boat Trip until June 4 (if even then) we are not rushed to get back to Brazil nor the Amazon. We were planning to return by the end of March but Michael suggested we just remain here in the U.S. for a few more weeks to see if things get better there. Goiânia where we live is under a complete lockdown. We are receiving news daily of individuals that we know that have died and others that are needing and trying to get into a hospital. Just received word yesterday from one of our preachers that his wife had passed away during the night and another one of our preachers is in ICU in Goiânia. All of the hospitals have run out of room. The medical situation as well as the economy is in bad shape. There are many now without jobs and therefore without funds for even food and basic necessities. Churches in Goiânia are not allowed to have live services but only on-line.
We thank God that our boat crew and all of our Amazon missionaries are okay and have either avoided or have overcome the virus. Sanderley is almost back to normal and with the crew are ready to visit the villages. They are still receiving calls from the villages wanting to know when the boat would be visiting them again. Things in Manaus and the Amazon are much better right now but they are talking about a third wave of the virus in the near future.
We will not do any Amazon Boat Trips with Americans until we know it is safe for them to come on the trips. We have offered our boat and crew to the government to be used to visit the villages where we work to help vaccinate but haven´t heard back from anyone.
Please keep praying as you have been, knowing that God is at work in these difficult times.

Earl, Ruth Anne, Michael and Debbie



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