2 0 1 6 - January 19-30 - Creekside and Belmont + some, USA
March 9-19 - Mt. Vernon-Central Christian Church, Illinois
April 13-23 - Elizabethtown-First Christian Church, Kentucky
May 25-June 4 - Rockville Christian Church, Indiana
June 15-25 - Greencastle Christian Church, Indiana
July 6-16 - Springfield-First Christian Church, Ohio
July 27-Aug. 6 - Ft. Caroline Christian Church, Florida
August 17-27 - Meadville – First Christian Church, Pennsylvania
September 7-17 - Tomoka Christian Church, Florida
September 28-Oct.8 -Creekside Christian Church, Florida
October 17-29 - Mayo Team – Dr. Bowers, Florida
2 0 1 7 - January 25-February 4 - Georgetown Church of Christ, Ohio
March 8-18 - Lakeview Christian Church, Akron, Ohio
April 19-29 - Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, Illinois
May 17-27 - Miamisburg Christian Church, Ohio
June 14-24 - Bluff Creek Christian Church, Indiana
July 12-22 - Franklin Christian Church, Tennessee (Woody and Dr. Tim)
August 2-12 - O P E N
August 23-Sept.2 - O P E N
September 20-30 -Memphis Christian Church, Indiana
October 11-21 - Bethel, Ohio and Columbia Christian, Ohio


2 0 1 8 - January/February - Southwest/Lakeview – Nathan, Barberton, Ohio
March - April - May - O P E N
June 6-16 - Greencastle Christian, Indiana
June 27- July 7 - Springfield-First Christian, Ohio
July 18-28 - Xenia Church of Christ, Ohio
August 1-11 - Ripley Church of Christ, Ohio
August 22-Sept.1 - Belmont Christian Church, Virginia
September, October - O P E N

2 0 1 9 - January,February,March, April - O P E N
May 15-25 - Columbia Church of Christ, Ohio
June 26-July 6 -Ironton – Central Christian, Ohio
July, August - O P E N
September 11-21 - Bluff Creek Christian Church, Indiana
October, - O P E N



1. A medical mission team requires a minimum of ten people. We can use up to twenty people with the understanding that some will be assigned construction projects away from the boat.

2. In the event your group is less than ten we may be able to find other people who want to serve who would help complete the number needed for your team.

3. Please notify us six months in advance if you see you must cancel your reservation for any reason.

4. Make airline reservations as soon as possible. We recommend Bob Todd @ World Class Travel bob@worldclasstvl.com - 352-371-3100 to help with travel plans. Groups can make advance reservations and still have a window to cancel without penalty.

5. Everyone needs a valid passport in order to acquire a visa to travel to Brazil.

6. Visas: We just found out that you can apply for a visa as soon as you know that you are going on a Brazil Trip. The 90 days for using the visa once you get it does not apply to Americans. Obtain Brazilian Visa (after obtaining passport, apply for visa right away - can apply a year before using).

AGENT TO HELP GET VISA - www.ItsEasy.com

The fee for a tourist Visa is $160 and www.ItsEasy.com charges $69 processing fee for non-rush visa requests. The processing fee is more if you need it sooner.

7. Feel free to contact Earl Haubner, Michael Haubner or Lynn Cleaveland at any time with any questions about your trip.